STIRLING PARK The pilot started to prepare for landing in Stirling Park. The challenge is there are no steering controls. All you have at your disposal is lift and descent. The pilot opened vents in the top of the balloon letting out the hot gases, with the occasional blast of the burners if the balloon started to drop too fast. We started to drop down towards our destination. The support vehicles gathered in anticipation and the radio chattered constantly with updates on other balloons.

Picture the joy of floating over the beautiful Canberra landscapes with your partner enjoying a glass of champagne as you float gently over the spectacular landmarks of the nation’s capital… Imagine having your own private balloon.

Balloon Aloft offers a unique balloon flight where you have the exclusive use of a hot air balloon for an amazing flight over Canberra. You will enjoy privacy, an opportunity to enjoy a quiet serene experience with time and an opportunity for making a proposal or simply enjoying the special time together.


Romantic flight for 2, including champagne and chocolates, followed by a full buffet breakfast at the Hyatt – $2080.

Exclusive flight for 2, includes Australian sparkling wine and/or fruit juice after the flight, no breakfast – $1950.

Flights can be booked by phoning 02 6249 8660 or make an enquiry by email us at    Please note weekends are generally not available, bookings should be made well in advance.